In the 1950s, British engineers were faced with a unique problem. In order for the remote detonated atomic landmine they were developing to function in cold weather, they needed a long term heating solution. One of the more creative solutions proposed was to fill the mine with live chickens and chicken feed. The chickens would be able to sustain a natural, comfortably warm temperature enclosed inside the mine together with the payload and detonation mechanism. That way, the landmine could reliably detonate in any weather and save Germany from Germany in the event of a German-German invasion.

It was only in the 2000s that we saw a comeback of this level of creative energy, when scientists discovered that in order to make the month of December bearable, they could prescribe a daily dose of ACID to the entire population. After years of study and placebo trials, ACID DECEMBER was born, unlike the atomic landmine before it.

This year is special, not only because it's the anniversary of the same date one year earlier, but because PARTYING HAS BEEN CANCELED. Droves of dance-deprived ACID BANDITS and masked ACID HIGHWAYMEN roam the internet, looking for their next fix. Help us help them by submitting your OGG or MP3 encoded tracks to linde.philip@gmail.com. We need at least 31 tracks to win this, but December has been known to last longer if more tracks are submitted.

DATAPOP.SE has archived some of previous years' ACID DECEMBER here. We really appreciate it. This has been going on for nearly ten years! Some years are still missing from the archives due to time portals and occurring in alternate histories, but we're working on joining the timelines and undoing the TEMPORAL VANDALISM.

We prefer CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, but any license that allows us and others to freely share the sounds of your machines for at least non-commercial purposes is acceptable for your submission.


01/12 Valdo Tornstrand - Acid Crush

First out is Valdo's ACID CRUSH! Word on the street is that the name refers to what happens to you if you try to crawl into a space as tight as this mix. Winter is all about crawling up into a ball and getting crushed, so we naturally and unnaturally approve.

02/12 Kotten - Ickevalsen

Another day, another acid. Kotten supposedly devised a mathematical theory that was best explained using this track. It proves ÂŹWALTZ, something long suspected by experts in the field, but until now the proof has always been three steps ahead.

03/12 jAcid - Blod, svett och syra

Another brilliant track today, this time touching the topic of bodily fluids, which jAcid has brilliantly made sure will include ACID by the end of December.

04/12 Jazzdoktorn - Dont do drugs unless you want to

We cancel today's track to give you an important message from our resident team of medical experts. We can not stress enough the importance of either doing drugs or not depending on your preference. Jazzdoktorn has constructed an AUDIBLE SIGNAL which will effectively program this message into any mind that is exposed to it.

05/12 DJ Powernap - Eternal factory

We woke DJ Powernap up for this auditory map of a factory that extends in all directions across an infinite plane. The product? SUPERCONDUCTING GLOWSTICKS.

06/12 readyletsgo - Debussyan acid xmas

We found a jar of IMPRESSIONIST ACID on our doorstep today, and the name "readyletsgo" crudely spray painted on the door. After listening closely to the jar we can say for sure that consuming its content will lower your pH but possibly exacerbate symptoms of XMAS SPIRIT

07/12 Valdo Tornstrand - Acid down the chimney

Another hard-hitting track from Valdo, serving as a reminder to anyone trying to climb down chimneys (HOODED, BEARDED, OLD AND FAT or not) of the acidic nature of soot.

08/12 Surpiotr - SmÄtt surt

We took a MUCH NEEDED WALK and found Surpiotr under a bridge, hunched over a small machine. Watching and listening from a safe distance, we could see that the sound emanating from the machine would react to small adjustments that Surpiotr seemed to consider in great detail...a knob turned here, a button pressed there. We recorded the session in secrecy.

09/12 Kotten - Batteritorsk pÄ Solgatan

The working theory: looking for batteries, Kotten instead found this track lodged between the sofa cushions. How a track this W I D E could possibly fit in there, and how it had not melted through the sofa and all the apartments below (leaving holes on each floor like in ALIEN) is left as an exercise for the reader.

10/12 Underwater Resistance - Borealis

Underwater Resistance has been operating from under the sea for the last few centuries, enjoying the SUPERIOR sound propagation properties of water. One time, while near the surface, they saw the northern lights through their squid-like eyes, refracted by the waves above. This track chronicles the experience in a way that WILL MAKE YOUR GILLS FLAP.

11/12 readyletsgo - Acid raga

Acid takes us AROUND THE WORLD. This day we present to you an ACID RAGA suitable for the morning, midday, afternoon, night or all of the above for two days straight!

12/12 Ultrasmisk - Bottom feeder

We found ourselves in Ultrasmisk's dungeon with some music gear and UNSHACKLED HIM just out of morbid curiosity. He is now free to pursue his own sick goals, and if you listen you can hear why we REGRET NOTHING!

13/12 Kotten - CoronafrÄgan

Kotten returns to make an ACID COLLAGE based on current events! It's the song your doctor DOESN'T WANT YOU TO HEAR

14/12 MOB.F - Vintertid

If there's a compelling argument for saying letters, this is it! Let this hot track melt the post-Lucia snow and SAY LETTERS!

15/12 Shike - Acid said the fox

Sweet SLOW MOTION STROBE LIGHT DANCE type track from Shike, with all the elements of a classic. This is also the soundtrack to the MONTAGE SCENE in which the ACID DECEMBER crew is editing this page!

16/12 S - ingentitel

From the depths of an abandoned NUCLEAR SILO comes this heavy beast of a track! We first picked it up on sonar in 1991 but because of the OMNIDIRECTIONAL BASS we couldn't locate it until now.

17/12 Jazzdoktorn - Xmastacy

Jazzdoktorn just couldn't stop. This barrel of fun was CLEARLY LABELED WITH A DROP OVER A HAND WITH A HOLE IN IT but in our preliminary trials the only adverse effects we observed in our subjects were SPONTANEOUS LIMB MOVEMENTS that coincided with the MIND ALTERING rhythm of the music!

18/12 Kognitiv Belastning - Trelleborg

The ferry arrives, originally white, but so covered in the grime of EFFICIENT INDUSTRY AND LOGISTICS that it's taken the same gray tone as the sky above it. You take one last deep breath, inhaling from the cloud of BURNING BUNKER FUEL that surrounds it before you sneak inside its wide open TRUCK-MOUTH...next stop: Trelleborg!

19/12 2020 project (808+606+303+303=2020) - sjÀlvbeflÀckelsesÄngen

Besides testing our line lengths with its NUMEROLOGICAL SUBTITLE, 2020 project promises to deliver with that line-up of automatic musicians. We listened and were MELTED AWAY, leaving a bunch of dancing bones like in DISNEY'S SKELETON DANCE which will hopefully finally be replacing Kalle Ankas Jul this year.

20/12 Destructive Element - Computers

Another day, another ACID HIT. This time from the top secret DJ Destructive Element, who I've heard owns THE MOST TR-707S ON ICELAND. In this song we can hear the power of just ONE...

21/12 Von Oben - Mmmmph

Incredibly WELL ORGANIZED acid jam from Von Oben that will leave you wondering what DISTANT PLANET their drum machine is from. We know, but we won't tell. Hint: IT'S ROUGHLY SPHERICAL!

22/12 Erko - Dan före dan före depparedan

No better way to prepare for CRISPMAS than to enjoy the crisp smattering of springs as REPETITIVE ELECTRONIC SIGNALS pass through them. This is a beauty. In our tests, we've found that if you watch Miami Vice, you can replace all Phil Collins songs in the soundtrack with this smooth hit, with NO LOSS OF INFORMATION, which is a WORLD FIRST for acid!

23/12 Wicked Wire - Midnight Mayhem

Don't let the name fool you! It's not a HEAVY METAL ALBUM! It's another banger from Santa and most of all the ACID GREMLINS that stuff the presents.

24/12 errorrolf - de 303 vise mÀnnen

It's Christmas. Instead of a lit up christmas tree topped with a star, you have scavenged a huge metal signpost with a spinning, flickering LIDL SIGN. Instead of presents under it, there are rusty barrels of crude oil and large canisters of helium. It's not Santa knocking on the door. It's THE POLICE. There has been a noise complaint. The 303 WISE MEN you've invited are causing too much of a ruckus. You excuse yourself and walk back into the apartment to turn on the DIESEL-ELECTRIC ENGINE and this is what comes out. The police have no option but to FORFEIT THEIR WEAPONS and give up. Merry Christmas!

25/12 2020 project - is here

2020 project may not actually be a single artist, but an ASSEMBLY LINE in a chemical production plant; hundreds of people connected by teflon hoses to a machine that extracts hits like IS HERE from otherwise decent, normal people.

26/12 Pakir - Casinoreklam som julklapp

Casinoreklam. It's not what we wished for but it's what we DESERVE. At least Pakir is here to give us 303 FREE SPINS that we can only assume originates from his IMPOSING MODULAR TOWER!

27/12 Fem Trelleborg Àr fler Àn fyra Rotterdam - DingX3m

The relatively high frequency of Trelleborg-themed music can only be explained by the MYSTERIOUS SINKHOLE that appeared there in September, and the strange, small creatures that have been climbing out of it. A team of our INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS walked along the edge of the hole one night and found themselves at a party attended by GRAY, BLACK-EYED PARTYGOERS. This song was playing and was the only one that was successfully identified using Shazam.

28/12 Nödsignal - Can You Feel It

This is not the Mr. Fingers classic acid house anthem. This is a NEW ACID HOUSE ANTHEM! To answer the question, YES WE CAN! It feels like sweating on a dance floor, in the EXACT OPPOSITE time of the year, with people way up in our personal space. The stank, the funk, the sweat!

29/12 Erko - Scream piggie scream

Erko sent us this wonderful FARM ANIMAL-BASED track...or is it a wild pig? I won't BOAR you with our speculation; suffice to say, our analysts are impressed with this specimen.

30/12 Hitmen without purpose - Hacker dream

Get your SQUARE LASSO. We're going out to herd some ELECTRONIC 4D CATTLE on the polygonal wireframe prarie.

31/12 Kognitiv Belastning - Bildkryss

Is there a better way to end this SOLAR REVOLUTION than an acid gabber overture? You tell us. We'll tell you that you're wrong, on the basis that YOU ARE! Good bye 2020 and welcome to subsequent year. Thank you all for you WONDERFUL AND TERRIFYING CONTRIBUTIONS! Let's hope it's a good one, without any WHAM, MARIAH CAREY OR VIRAL PANDEMICS!

32/12 Gustav Nasa - Aciddec Ember

Fool you! Isn't it a little bit disappointing to just have 31 songs and nothing to listen to while the year goes out in a cavalcade of EXPLOSIONS AND THE SMELL OF SULPHUR? Gustav Nasa has our backs with this absolute killer track. If you're in Stockholm you'll be pleased to find that the Vasa museum is completely empty. The ship has left and is in orbit, RAMMING THROUGH COMMUNICATION SATTELITES like jellyfish. Manned by a skeleton crew of LITERAL SKELETONS, the envy of all Iron Maiden album covers, this track is echoing across the decks to keep the morale up.

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